Fancy Pants


Haute Hippie Tank, Gypsy 05 Pants, B Brian Atwood Heels (similar), Anthropologie SunniesMAC Snob Lipstick

Oops, I did it again!! Sorry, I just can’t help myself with this dye technique! Gypsy 05 is my spirit animal (brand) — all of their pieces are so funky, yet relaxed. Earlier this year I swore up and down that I was done with jeans, and that I’d be replacing them with soft pants, and although that was a bit dramatic, if I keep finding pieces like these, I may be going 50/50 with jeans and fancy pants.







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Home Bar Essentials


Now that we’ve been in our apartment for a few months, we’re able to focus on some of the smaller projects, and first up was building our bar. I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect bar cart for at least a year, and when I came across this beauty at Home Goods, I knew the search was over… and that I’d need to come back with a bigger car to fit everything I’d purchased. What can I say – #homegoodshappy, right? Filling your home bar can be a daunting task, but if you tackle each step over the course of a few weeks (or paychecks) then it should come together very nicely.

1. Start Small:

You don’t need to drop a few hundred dollars at Wine & Spirit’s to fill your bar right off the bat. Take a trip to the liquor store once a week and pick up the essentials; whiskey (bourbon and rye), vodka, gin, rum and tequila will be the base of most drinks, so having those on hand is the best way to start your collection. Although I rarely drink tequila and rum, I’ve found that they’re nice to have for the times that I want a summery drink, like a Margarita. It is also impressive when you’re able to offer someone the ingredients to drinks that they enjoy.

2. Know Your Favorites:

If you’re filling your home bar, know the recipes for your go-to drinks. Whiskey Sour’s and Manhattan’s are our drinks of choice, respectively, so having the proper ingredients is a must. Not sure how to make your favorite drink? Try this site – it is awesome!

3. Garnishes and Mixers:

Fill in with these babies (like Cointreau, Bitters, olives and cherries) once you’ve stocked your bar with the ingredients needed to make the drinks you enjoy. Having club soda and tonic water on hand is another must!

4. Glassware + Barware:

There’s an extensive list of glass types, depending on the cocktail, but I think starting out with wine glasses (duh), martini glasses, champagne coupes and rocks glasses make for a comprehensive and multi-functional selection. As far as barware is concerned, start out with a shaker and wine/beer opener! The other stuff, like an ice bucket, jigger, muddler, stirrers and straws are just for fun.

Are there any home bar items you can’t live without?

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Downtown Dip Dye


Gypsy 05 Dress, Anthropologie Shoes, Ray Ban Sunnies, NARS Red Square Lipstick

When I was younger, my soccer team’s uniforms were green tie-dye tank tops; and since then I’ve had a strong affinity for anything tie-dye. Now that I am (almost) 25, I think that a dip-dye pattern is a more grown-up way to wear the trend that made such a splash in the 90′s. This dress is the perfect balance of effortless and dressed up; wear it as a tunic or throw on a belt for some waist interest and you’re good to go.








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