Soft Pants


Harlyn Pants (similar), Club Monaco Tank (similar, similar), Anthropologie Sunnies

THESE PANTS. I’m obsessed. They’re like wearing sweatpants but way better because it doesn’t look like you’ve given up. If I could afford to outfit my wardrobe with soft pants to wear every day of the week until next summer, I probably would. As a child who grew up in the 90′s, I have a soft spot for wide leg pants, as I had enough bell-bottoms to dress my entire class. That said, I am totally loving the tapered soft pant trend as well.




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Boy Meets Girl


Cameo Skirt, T Alexander Wang Shirt, Schutz Heels, Anthropologie Hat, NARS Heat Wave Lipstick

Some days when I wake up, I look in my closet and decide to play dress up, if you will, by pairing things differently than I did the last time I wore them. It’s a nice departure from my typical “I have nothing to wear” mood, and reminds me to be a bit more creative. I’ve  been eyeing up this skirt all summer; between the faux wrap and the tropical print, it is as cool as it is pretty. Since I have been living in this T by Alexander Wang tee, it seemed like a perfect no-fuss top to the outfit. It is so soft and so easy… and a total splurge for me, but, like, #yolo.






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Blueberry Swirl Muffins


You know that feeling when you make something and it is just right? These muffins are my success story. Now, before I get ahead of myself here, I want to thank Honestly Yum for the sharing this recipe… because it is a GAME CHANGER. Before I made these, Dan was all “I’m not sure if I’m a muffin guy” and “I prefer banana bread” (as if they’re interchangeable), but when the aroma of warm, delicious blueberry muffin goodness filled our apartment, he became a convert. I’d say he’s a muffin guy, now. The only problem about this whole situation is that I’ve not been able to stop eating these… such is life!

Just to note: I used low-fat yogurt and non-fat milk, and substituted canola oil for the vegetable oil. You know, to be healthy and all.


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